Bitchy Car Update

*sigh* more car expenses...An update on my car. I took my car to get checked out this morning. The place is about half an hour from here, and not on a bus route. Curses! My insurance policy doesn't provide a rental car...I was being cheap, and I thought I could get by on my bike and buses. Well, my bike still needs repairing, and taking the bus back home this morning was not an option. I also forgot to bring my phone with me this morning, so I couldn't call Joanna to come pick me up. I couldn't call anyone because all of my contacts are on my phone. (this is where having a home landline might have been handy.) Plus, I'd still have to go back to pick up the car in hopefully a few days. I hesitated about renting a car because I wasn't sure how long the repairs would take. I didn't want to end up paying to rent a car for an entire week. On the other hand, I didn't want to be without a car for a week while I'm still looking for a job. Dooohhhhh....decisions!!!

Lucky or not, I dropped my car off first thing this morning at 8:00. And they had just one rental car left, and it was an electric blue PT Cruiser. I have to admit, that influenced my decision just a little bit. So I ended up taking the rental. and on the way home, I found a 99 Ranch Chinese supermarket and stocked up on chinese groceries. At least something good, albeit so very minor, came out of this ordeal. I'd been looking for an asian grocery store.

So it turns out that my car repairs will total about $1,418. I still have to pay my deductible of $250, which SUCKS. (keep in mind, i'm still unemployed) but compared to $1400, that's not bad. They're still trying to determine liability with my neighbor's insurance. Turns out my neighbor's friend was driving the van, and not my neighbor. This is bullshit. Neighbor has been really cool. His insurance has not. So hopefully I will get my deductible refunded, but we'll have to wait and see. Oh, and my car won't be ready for a week. So tack on another $100+ for the car rental. Ugghhhh....$$$$$

Sorry for the wordy post. Let's make it even more uplifting. My brother's apartment has extremely high levels of radon. If your home is at risk, get it tested. That's my PSA. Good day.