The Craft Cave

I spent a good deal of time today conducting research for my shop. It's a beautiful day today, I really should be outside. But I want to get my christmas cards printed. I've been looking up printshops and checking pricing and all that really fun business.

i just took a few pics as I was sitting at my desk. [sorry for boring post] Last night I dubbed this room The Craft Cave. There was a rather large spider in the Cave last night, about the size of a quarter. I'll have to lure the cats down there more often to take care of the spiders.

anyway...Joanna bought a desk, too, the other day. Her desk came packed with some big styrofoam pieces. I wrapped one in an old bed sheet with some spray mount and tape, nailed it to the wall...and shazam! I have a bulletin board. That's what the light blue thing is to the left. The blue animal is something I made a few years ago from an online tutorial. The football shape is my leaf pattern for my tomato ottoman, cut from a pottery barn catalog.

I found this Ritzenhoff beer glass at goodwill for a dollar. I thought it would be perfect for my bamboo. I won the trophy in third grade on field day in scooter board racing. It's the only trophy I've ever won. I'm very proud.

my computer....i was trying to create a logo, but i ended up creating a character. The arms are still in development

Enjoyment is to have a sweet such as eating clouds in the sky.