Fake Designer Guy

I've been keeping this to the tumblr, but this guy is just shameless. It was discovered several weeks ago that some 18 year old kid in brooklyn "with 8 years of experience" has been posing as "a creative genius" graphic designer and using projects that other people designed in his portfolio. It just so happens that many of the projects on his website were designed by my friends at our own thing. Honestly, compare their site to this guy kamarin lee.

Let's compare.



The fake guy took the site down for a while. But I was on logopond last week looking at logos when I came across one that I recognized. Turns out this fake designer had posted some of my friends' logos on this site as his own. I clicked the link to his site and discovered that "his" website was active again.

Here's the best part...people said this was a great logo, and asked how he did it. Fake guy actually responds...

"I actually used a felt-tip marker, and then scanned it into Illustrator. From there, I just cleaned it up a bit and hours and hours later...I finally had it polished. It was hell. I almost hate this one because of the amount of work I had to put in. lol"

What the hell is wrong with this guy?

I also discovered today through a quick google search, that most of the text on mr. lee's website is also plagiarized. It took me longer to write this post than it took me to find three different sites he copied from. Fun!