Inherited Treasures

my watch battery died, and I can't be bothered to go get it changed. well, not only because my car is broken, but because I don't want to pay. I'm on a strict spending diet until I get a job. luckily, I have a spare thanks to my brother's former flatmate from a few years ago. She moved out of state and left a giant box of stuff in a closet. So, when we were moving we sorted through it. lots of sugar-free candy and sweatpants, old make-up, cd cases...nothing worth keeping. except this baby-G watch!

it is not intuitive how to work this thing. I had to find a manual to figure out how to change the time. it's very chunky, but i'd rather deal with it than go without a watch.

she also left a whole lot of perfume. Is this normal for women to have this much perfume? maybe it is, i don't know. the sample sizes were always enough for me. And I usually stick with only one or two. well, now I'll have ten to choose from.