My Bum Car

My car won't start again today. I could probably give the starter a few whacks with the broom handle again, but since I don't have to be anywhere really, I thought I'd save the whacking and the curses for when I really need it. Like perhaps one day when I have to drive to an interview...or maybe I'll have to go to a proper job one day. Just maybe. So, since my brother will be here next week, I'll hold off until then to take it to the shop. I'd rather have him look at it first before I take it anywhere. I can still drive it, it just takes some work to get it started. In the meantime, i'm out of dental floss. Instead of walking 15 minutes to the store, i'm ordering it online :-P

On the other hand, this will force me to stay home and work. Yesterday I got my proof from the printer for my meaty christmas cards. They were sent to print yesterday, so I should have them in the shop within a week! I'm still not sure about the logo, but I figure I can always change it. It is my own.