My Mini-Studio

I arrived in Seattle almost four weeks ago with only what I could fit in my car. The only piece of furniture I own (if it can be called furniture) is my air mattress. And some large ottoman pillows I made. I've been in desperate need of a desk lately. The kitchen table is fine, but it gets wonky when I use the sewing machine. And I needed more table space to work on. I've been checking goodwill, but haven't found anything close to what I wanted. Plus, it had to be able to fit in my prizm. IKEA is about a half hour from where we are, which is why I hadn't gone there yet. But I knew I could get a desk there for relatively cheap, and there were a few additional household items I needed, too.

So, yesterday Joanna and I made a trip to IKEAland! I say IKEAland because the place is enormous. I believe we were there for at least two hours. But I got my desk! My mouse doesn't work on the red table though, so I'll have to start using a mousepad again, but that's fine. Maybe I'll make one. i'll post more pics as I get my little studio set up.

Starbucks central...on the way back from IKEA.

Second tomato ottoman is nearly finished. I just need to put a logo or label on it before I stuff it up.