My piano is here!

My piano arrived this morning! All 53lbs of it. It was a bitch getting it up the stairs and set up. I got it because it was one of the lighter stage pianos. Now, I know I can carry 50lbs. My backpack has definitely weighed that much during my travels. But this thing was certainly a cumbersome size. I'm very happy to see it again, as I haven't played it since December.

I don't have a stand for it as yet. So right now it's on this sill until I have more discretionary income. I have to stand on one leg in order to use the pedal with the other. I think if I can find a barstool for cheap it will be the right height. Yay!!!!

Then I got a call telling me my car was ready to be picked up. They put a shiny new bumper on my car, fixed the taillight and body damage. They even washed it and vacuumed and dusted the interior! I was pleased. I was half hoping they fixed my muffler while they were at it, but no. My deductible was waived (yes!) but I still had to pay for the rental :-( The neighbor's insurance denied liability.