Another boring post...

I had my third Flash class last night, and I fell behind and couldn't get my little project to work. {sigh} And the class teaches the latest version of Flash. i have the previous version, and apparently they've made a lot of changes to the scripting language. i'm glad to be learning it, but the class really isn't all that exciting. Just a bunch of people in front of computers typing for three hours.

Anyway, today Joanna had to go to Capitol Hill for something. So I tagged along since I haven't been there yet. Capitol Hill is hipster central apparently. Sorry for lack of photos. imagine a street with an urban outfitters, american apparel, hot topic and some people with shaggy haircuts and tight pants.

Nature's Halloween decorations. The spider webs in our yard are insane. We have at least five pretty impressive ones. About three of them have spiders in the middle. They don't photograph well, but the big dot in the middle of the photo is the spider.