Cupcakes and A New Chair

Joanna came back with cupcakes today! Oh, sweet cupcakes! Lavender and Mint, delicious.

I had to go fax something today. It cost me $5.00. A dollar a page. Rip. Off. I was faxing it to a place downtown, too. I could've used a stamp, and it probably would have taken an extra day. Or I could have driven it downtown, it would have cost less in gas. Oh, well. I stopped at Goodwill, since I haven't been there in a while. I still need a desk chair and a bar stool. I didn't find either, but I came back with this...

It's an IKEA chair. There are some light stains, but it's still in good condition, and the cover is removable. I want to make a new kick ass cover for it later anyway. But for now, Ava has taken it as her throne.