Food and pizzle in the same post

I made $50 on Friday. I answered a posting on craigslist for a focus group of facebook users. what the hell, hopefully it would be an easy $50. It was. I took the bus downtown, answered some questions for half an hour, and received $50 cash. While I was downtown I did some idea shopping at H&M, anthropologie, and urban outfitters. Hmm...I may have to look into doing some more focus groups. Anyway, the cash ended going towards food; a box of lara bars, dried cherries, and chinese groceries. This is what happens when I go to the chinese market hungry. It's mostly soy and noodles, so I think i did well.

And here is something I didn't buy. sorry if this disturbs anyone. I was perusing the frozen meats and saw something that looked disgusting. Upon closer examination, it was exactly what I thought it was. "beef pizzle", or bull penis. Now, I'm chinese, and I'll eat just about anything; pig ears, congealed beef blood, beef tendon, sea cucumber...etc. But I think I'd have to say no to this. Unless it's in hot dogs, which is highly likely. If that's the case, then I guess I've already eaten it. Also, it seems expensive for what it is.