It's Autumn!

I love this time of year. I am a big fan of apples and apple cider. Unfortunately apple cider seems to be very expensive here. I don't think I'll be finding it for three dollars a gallon here like in Ohio. I was at the Ballard farmers market again yesterday and bought this small bottle for three dollars. It was yum. I also seemed to have completely missed concord grape season. I'm bummed because I was going to make a grape pie. I have a small bunch left, maybe it's enough to make a tart.

This morning I met Rachel for 99 cent lattes and a walk around Green Lake park. i met Rachel when I was in Kanazawa (japan) visiting my friend Kate in January. Rachel was also teaching english there and now she's back in Seattle. it was a gorgeous day to be outside!

It was about noon when I was walking home.