Fabrics I can't afford

When I started sewing over the summer I was determined to use as much second hand or recycled materials as possible. And I'm still determined, but goodwill is more expensive here than it was in Virginia and Ohio. I used buy bedding and tablecloths for $2, but here they've been $4-$7. There are a few other thrift shops close by I have yet to check. I bought a skirt at a St Vinnies somewhere in New Zealand for NZ$2. I would love to find things for $2.00 here. No such luck yet. So sometimes it's actually cheaper to buy new fabric, especially if it's on sale.

I found my new favorite fabric shop. Pacific Fabrics is only two miles away and they have a giant fabric selection. Prices are a bit higher than Joanns but they have a better selection. Plus this place carries Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry, and Joann's does not. I was checking out the home decor fabrics and found some cute ones. Kawaii! Notice the price in the top photo, $17.99/yd. Now I am way cheap. I try not to pay more than five or six dollars a yard, lol. But these would make adorable wallets though....hmmm, maybe. Don't mind my thumb...I left it in for scale.

This one's from japan. Can't you tell.