Feeling Blue

My food reflects my mood today. I was feeling sooo angry, frustrated, and sad the whole day. Very blue. Please save us from these depressing times, Mr. Obama and Co.! Yesterday I went to the farmers market. It's potato season! I usually buy Yukon Gold potatoes at the supermarket (I don't like russet potatoes), but they have such great potatoes at the farmers market, so many kinds. I got a mix of yellow and blue potatoes to try. I wanted to try some mashed blue potatoes. I peeled them because the skin was pretty thick. The mashed potatoes turned out a lovely lavender color. Next time I might try blue potato salad.

I only learned recently that you should not store potatoes in the fridge because it causes the starch to turn to sugar. So unless you want sweet potatoes, just keep them in a dark place away from heat.


amongthehaystacks said...

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Shunyata said...

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