I made two wallets yesterday! They came out pretty well, although the flowered one is a bit crooked. I had some sewing machine issues and a few mishaps with the snaps, but they turned out well. My machine has trouble sewing straight through all the layers of fabric. I hope I can amend this. You can definitely tell they are handmade. I don't know if this is a good thing. I'm thinking of selling these for $20-$25 until I get better at making them. Then maybe I can push it up to $30 :-) Any thoughts? So, who wants one? haha! No seriously, let me know if you do...

I've taken a liking to the polka dot fabric, so I may make more of those. It's a home dec weight fabric, and it feels a bit sturdier. But my sewing machine doesn't like it much. The red fabric is actually left over bed sheet pieces from my tomato ottoman. Actually, I think I may switch out my apples and pear wallet and start using this polka dot one. I likey! Funny, I was never the girl with lots of purses and wallets. I used the same trusty ugly velcro wallet for five years until not too long ago. I have to study for my class tonight, so I don't think I'll be making any more until the weekend. Thanks for looking!