Weekender Bag

First off, let me just say...YAY FOR BARACK OBAMA!!!! I had class until 9pm, so I had to settle for web updates. I heard the end of Barack Obama's speech on the way home. What an exciting time for this country! It will be nice to have a president I can respect and admire again. Yay!!! Okay, back to the blog. Becky just got her birthday gift from me, so now I can post it. It's Amy Butler's Weekender Bag! I'd been pining for the pattern for several months before I broke down and purchased it from etsy. This bag was a challenge because so much of sewing is new to me. But I enjoyed making it, and I'll be making more. I really want one for myself!

The toughest part was the cording. I broke about eight needles trying to sew through all the layers. No joke. The other challenge was deciding on fabric. I couldn't afford the fabric I really wanted. Amy Butler fabric runs about $15 a yard, which is fine for a wallet. But this bag uses rougly 3-4 yards of fabric. Plus two yards of interfacing. so I went with IKEA fabric, which turned out well, I think. It's a very large bag and holds a lot of stuff.

This is from the Amy Butler site. check it out, there's lots of good stuff. And she's in ohio!