Amy Butler is Awesome

I finally got my library card yesterday! I'm more excited than I should be about such a minor accomplishment. Yippee! I wrote down 14 books from my to read list and headed to the library. None of the books on my list were available of course. It’s free, so I’m not complaining at all. It’s like health care in Canada. You have to wait a while, but it’s free. If I want it sooner I can pay money for it. anyway, so I had to choose my books the old fashioned way, by browsing the stacks. I came home with four books, one of which was a book on craft businesses. I didn't realize until I got home that there was a section on Amy Butler in it about how she started her business! I love Amy Butler! She inspires me, and might I mention again she's based in Ohio, near Columbus! I'm an even bigger fan after watching this. She and her husband didn't take out any loans for their business. Also, Amy appears to be very tall.

At least I won't be tempted to get Amy Butler bedding, considering I don't even have a bed. One day I will own furniture, just not quite yet.