Kitty Stories

Ava and Nemo have provide a few camera-worthy moments recently. I popped in a Harry Potter movie the other night and started making a pair of pajama pants. Pajama pants are one of the easiest pieces of clothing to make, and you don't really need a pattern. But I was lazy and the pattern was only a dollar.

Both of the cats love crafting. They come visit me when I'm working in the craft cave, and they like to hang around when I craft in the living room. Ava especially likes to sleep on my creations, as evidenced when I made my bed sheet skirt. In the future, things for my shop (if I ever get around to adding more items) will be cut in cat-free zones, namely the loft for larger pieces and my desk for smaller pieces. No offense to ava and nemo, but some people are strongly allergic to cats, and I can't be shipping items that ava has been sleeping on, however cute it may be.

this is Ava looking for something to eat in the kitchen.

Yesterday Nemo came bounding into the room very strangely. He was walking kind of weird, jumping around and looking behind him. I thought he was just playing until I saw a big piece of poop hanging from his butt. I caught this video of poor Nemo trying to alleviate this discomfort before Joanna put on some gloves and removed the dingleberry for him. I took a disinfectant to the floor afterward.

Nemo and his butt problem from craft berry on Vimeo.