Christmas this year was a non-event. The winter storms have pretty much overshadowed the holiday cheer. I broke down and bought the cheapest instant coffee yesterday and the cheapest half and half, so at least I had a christmas morning coffee. It wasn't too terrible. Unfortunately I accidentally got fat-free half and half, which isn't really half and half at all. It's just skim milk with thickeners and artificial coloring. It should really be called half and cream substitute.

This was what christmas morning looked like outside our door.

My books arrived two days before christmas! I'm considering it a christmas present to myself. well, the top one is at least. the rest of them weren't exactly on my wish list. And one of them is Essential.

I was in martha stewart mode today. I made a batch of ginger spice cookies and cooked up some potato and bacon soup, all from scratch. This was my christmas dinner.

A friend of my parents invited me over for christmas dinner, but they live half an hour away. I don't feel comfortable driving that far until I get my car fixed, especially with the streets covered in snow and slush. I'm bummed because I'd really rather be there right now instead of blogging about my boring day. Sigh, chinese food would have been so goooood. My soup was good, but it's a pretty sad holiday dinner. Joanna's here, too, so at least I'm not alone. So, it was a disappointing christmas, but at least I have plenty to keep myself busy at home.

My snowman is melting. His carrot nose fell off. He looks so sad.