Fabric Love

My fabric arrived today! That was fast. Yay!! Look how pretty and so nicely packaged. The thing with nice fabrics is that it's so hard to start cutting it. So the top right pic is all my new fabrics! It doesn't look like much, but there's probably about 12 yards of fabric in those two stacks. I also have a few duvets and bed sheets stocked in the craft cave (my office). All I need now are some solid black fabric and some zippers.

The package made it here in one piece, but barely. The fabric was busting to get out!

This is not a very good picture, but this is the japanese fabric I got at pacific fabrics the other day. It's a nice linen/cotten blend and I can't wait to use it. It's the three little pigs! How cute is that? Next time I visit japan I'm definitely checking out some fabric and craft stores. But who knows when that will be given the current economic situation.

I never did post updated pictures of the craft room. So...this is the current condition of the craft cave. Messy and cramped. You can see why we call it the cave. It's so small and dark. Even during the day it's pretty dark. Actually, this picture was taken in the afternoon. I have to bring in an extra lamp to have enough light. It's also the coldest room in the house, so sometimes it's hard to go work in there, the dark, cold, tiny "craft room".

And yes, I keep my bananas in the craft cave. The temperature in there is just right for banana storage. I also keep potatoes in the there.

Random cat picture...Nemo says cheers