Fabric Reload

I've been running low on fabrics, and had been putting off going to the fabric store... mostly because neither of my fabric shops is a walkable distance. Alas, I finally had to go because the fabrics I wanted were 50% off at Joann's and the sale was ending. Alexander Henry fabric at 50% off! So, I really wanted to get some more of this Kleo fabric which is the flower fabric on the left. But they were out of that, so I got some Koto fabric instead, which is the gorgeous asian-themed fabric on the right. Then I headed to my favorite fabric store, Pacific Fabrics and used my gift certificate for more awesome fabrics. Thanks B! I don't have pictures, so I will post them later.

Today I did a bad thing and ordered more fabric off of etsy. There are some big discounts on certain fabrics. Many shops having sales before the fabric company hikes up the prices next month. So....I finally ordered my first Amy Butler fabrics. Yay!

The four on the right are all from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain collection. And the fabric on the left is Anna Maria Horner's Centerpiece from her Garden Party collection. All of them gorgeous, and should last me quite a while.

And while I'm at it, here are some other fabrics I have my eye on. I want to make another Weekender Bag for myself, but I haven't decided on the fabric. Ikea is too far, so I'm still deciding. I have other things to do anyway, before I make anymore stuff for myself. Two fabrics I'm considering are these japanese imports by Echino. Cute, eh?

Also in the mix is this Anna Maria Horner on the left. I forget what it's called, but I love it. The fabric on the right is just another fabric that I want. It's not heavy enough for the Weekender Bag, I just want it for my stash. It's another Amy Butler design. All these beautiful fabrics make it very hard to stick to my second hand fabric ideal.

Actually, I still use a good deal of recycled fabrics. I have a few shopping totes made from bed linens that i mean to post shortly. And I started on some wallets. stay tuned.