Free Stuff for the New Year

I was out on my weekly short drive yesterday to fill up my gas tank and go to the craft store. Since I started driving my car only once a week, I haven't had to put gas in my car since the beginning of October. And I still had half a tank left! No secret to it: plan ahead and combine your car trips, walk or bike when possible (for me, if it's less than 1.5 miles I grab my ipod and walk), and ride the bus. Of course, it helps if you live in the city where things are close by.

The reason I was filling up was because my supermarket gas discounts were expiring. I was driving around looking for parking when I came across some free furniture. Obviously I couldn't fit all of it in my prizm, so I snatched up a chair, a green vase, and a side table. I should have tried to fit in another chair. Greedy.

Just the day before, I was thinking how I'd love to work in our loft, but I needed a small table. The ceiling is low and it's accessed by a ladder, so I found myself wishing we had an extra IKEA LACK table sitting around. And then I found this on the street. Tadaa, the tomato loft office.


Becky said...

Free stuff is awesome! And that is the cleanest office I have ever seen!

mittens said...

a benefit/disadvantage of having an office you have to climb in to. Great for studying though!