Some short videos....

Since I didn't have a blog on my first two trips to china, I didn't get to post these. One of my favorite things to do in China is to go to a local park and watch the locals. This was at the Temple of Heaven park in Beijing in August of 2006. People congregate in different areas and play games, dance, exercise, play music...

China: Music in the Park from craft berry on Vimeo.

Dance lesson in the park

China: Dance Lesson in Park from craft berry on Vimeo.

This is from my last trip to Shanghai in December 2007. It's like a playground for grown ups to do their exercises. I especially like the guy on the ski-type machine at the end.

China: Shanghai Park from craft berry on Vimeo.

I think this was near Xiamen about a year ago. We took a mini-taxi, which is pretty much like a three wheeled motorcycle with a small shed on the back. It just fit the four of us.

China mini-taxi ride from craft berry on Vimeo.