Amy Butler Sophia Bag

Another Amy Butler bag to report. I'm nearly done. I just have to hand sew the interior lining. Hand sewing is a pain, but it's something I can do while watching tv. The inside of the bag is red (thrift store bed sheet) with four pockets. I had to use a navy zipper, because that's pretty much all they had at the store. The longer the zipper, the less colours seem to be available.

Here's a look at it outside with the lovely power lines. The dots turned out a bit crooked, which makes the bag look like it's leaning, but I still like it. I made the underside of the handles red, which I think was a good decision. I love this bag. I love the shape of it. It's quite large, too.

This was pretty similar to the Weekender Bag to make. It took me a little less time to make because it's smaller. But it's still very time-consuming. No wonder handmade handbags are so expensive, because they take so flippin' long to make. I don't know how many hours I put in to this, but I'm definitely learning.