Blog Maintenance

Hello! I'm changing the blog template...because I can. I thought the three columns were getting cramped. I'm having some troubles, but it's late so I'll try to finish tomorrow. I know the theme doesn't quite go with the blog. Why the red couch you wonder? I like the layout, but I'm planning on changing the images. Also, I have to change some of the coding and add all my widgets again because the template is not a standard blogger template. Ugh...not quite as seamless as I had hoped. so in the meantime, apologies for the lack of navigation. None of the buttons work. Thanks for stopping by!

I fixed a few key things, but I'm still trying to figure out why the time is showing up at the top of the post instead of the date stamp. And I don't like the red boxes over in the right hand blog archive. And I'm not sure why the Subscribe To box is so big. I'm such an amateur at this. And I need to come up with a new header graphic. The red couch and feet are nice, but it doesn't make any sense for this blog.

The good thing about the new layout is that now I can post larger pictures! Check it out in the last two craft posts! Looks good, eh?