Etsy Love/Buy Handmade

I've been accumulating quite a list of favorites whilst browsing the interwebs. Things I love and might want to buy if and when I ever have some extra money to spend. I thought I'd share some of favorite handmade things at the moment. This is a continuously running list, so I'll probably do this again when I have enough for another faves post. Or if anyone else finds cool things, please share! There's so much out there, it's overwhelming. I encourage everyone to buy handmade. I mean, look at all the cool original stuff out there! Most of this is stuff I found on etsy, but there are few things I came across on flickr or in magazines or other blogs. As you can see, I gravitate towards cute. And I have a thing for mushrooms.

Rabbit and Chihuahua Shoes. Am I silly for loving these shoes? Though the chihuahuas look more like tasmanian devils.

Green Suitcase. I ♥ this suitcase! The shop has some wicked suitcases and bags.

Toadstool Skirt, Forest Skirt, Fruit Skirts I love them all!

Cute cow key fob

Laser cut jewelery. A different take on chandelier earrings...sweet, eh?

Mushroom Camera Strap. I don't have as SLR camera, but I want one and I want it to hang on this strap.

Mole and Mushroom pocket mirror

Rock star plate. Sarah Cihat refires thrift store plates with new designs.

Ceramic pig planter. So much better than a chia pet.

Wiener Dog Necklace. I found this in a few shops. I will own it one day. I actually noticed it a while back in one of BK's portraits, and was happy to come across it on etsy.

Lobster T-shirt. Need I say more. It's a lobster shirt.