House of Craft

My labels finally arrived today! I wasn't feeling the pink splashberry logo I had before, so I went cute. I just ordered a small batch because these are my first labels. I figure I can always change them later. These labels are kind of weird because they are really light and they feel like paper. They're cellulose non-woven washable labels. Next time I'll try some cotton fabric ones and compare. Yay! Now I can start crafting again...right after I send out a few more résumés. Blah, it seems pointless, but I have to do it.

A few days ago, I tagged along on a house hunt again with Joanna. Saw some cute ones, including this one which we dubbed The Amy Butler house. It had a wonderful little craft room! I want a big desk like this, but for moment the craft cave is too small for such a table. There was evidence of craftiness everywhere. Check out the Amy Butler fabrics in embroidery hoops on the wall and on the ottomans...and on the beautiful bird mobile in the baby's room.

These are from the house we both loved, but the price was just beyond affordable. It's since been snatched up anyway. The house is green on the outside and looks pretty much like this miniature.