Like Velvet

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I've been craving cake like mad after my post about the red velvet cookies. Well, our local supermarket doesn't carry red velvet cake mix, which is fine. So I looked up some red velvet cake recipes and the majority of them use two bottles of red food coloring to get that color. Eww. I don't know why red cake that tastes vaguely of chocolate is so appealing to me. Well, there are a few recipes out there that use beet root to get the red effect. I may try one of those recipes in the future. For now, we don't even have a cake pan or muffin pan, so I don't even know why I'm looking at cake recipes.

If you don't like red velvet cake, how about a blue velvet cake? I generally don't find blue an appetizing color for food (except blueberries), but this actually looks good to me. I think good photography helps.

Don't like blue? How about orange? or green? The last one is supposed to be a red, white and blue cake, but it looks more scarlet and gray to me. All these colors have kind of put me off cake a little bit. well, now I'm craving more of a carrot cake.

I believe the source of my cake cravings has been the Cake Wrecks blog. Check it out. It really gives me a laugh.