The Little Green Bin

It's a gorgeous day today! I just stepped out the door and found this little food and yard waste bin greeting me. Yay! I think it's cute. But that's because I'm used to our neighbors giant 100 gallon bin. Our landlord doesn't have yard/food waste pickup because it's a subscription service, but our neighbors do! They have kindly been letting us put our food scraps in their giant yard waste bin. It really cuts down our amount of trash because we can also throw paper towels and pizza boxes in there, too. The city has extended food/yard waste collection and now we have our own bin to use! After recycling and composting, our regular trash is pretty light. I'm so glad. I used to take the used coffee grinds home from work to use for my balcony garden. At first some people thought I was stealing coffee, and then they thought I was just silly for taking home trash. And after a while, my co-workers would offer me the used coffee grounds before they were thrown out. I just thought it was a big waste to throw it all away. But this is america, and that's what we do here. We waste things.