Three Little Pigs

I finally cut into my Three Little Pigs fabric last night. Hmmm, it does get quite wrinkled when I flip it though. Well, I am plumb out of zippers, and as such I am unable to make any more until my new zippers arrive. Then maybe I can finish the wallets I started a few weeks ago, too. I'm hoping for a zipper delivery tomorrow! Also need to look into getting some fabric labels...and find a better place to take pictures.


becky said...

The natural light works well for your photos! I just joined ravelry, and waited until daylight to take pics of a scarf i'm making so the colors would look more natural. if you ever knit/crochet, you should join! there are so many neat patterns and pictures and inspirations - i got 'lost' on it last night and didn't realize it was after 1 am :)