Fresh Wallets!

Okay, so I've finally put some things in the shop...just two though. Haha, I didn't realize it would take so long. I think my computer hates me. Well, I have to leave for class soon, so I'll put the rest in the shop tonight or tomorrow. I'm still waiting on some supplies so I make can some cute zippy pouches.

Ooo...look at the new juicy wallets! The floral Anna Maria Horner wallet turned out super yummy I think.

Wallets coming soon!

More wallets!!! I actually started these a few months ago before I got side-tracked on other projects. Yesterday I decided to finally finish them. They seemed to take forever to finish... I do my cutting and ironing on the kitchen counter because I don't have enough room in my craft "room" downstairs. So I'm always running down the stairs to sew, back upstairs to press, and back down stairs....ugh. One day I'll have all my stuff in the same room, or at least the same floor.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've made these, so I took my time with them. And I think they are my best yet! the happy hippo wallet is my personal favorite. I may have to make more of those.

I nearly forgot to attach the labels again. I need to get used to this. So, anyone want a wallet? They'll be in the shop soon!

Experiments in walletry

I tried out some new wallets this weekend. I'd seen some cute wallets that that didn't have top-stitching, so i thought I'd give it a try. Top-stitching isn't fun, and I've broken many needles doing it. The yellow wallet has top-stitching around the snap tab, but not around the rest of the wallet. I don't know...I think I prefer it with the top-stitching. Also, I had some problems with the cheap snaps I used, so I don't think I'll be using those again.

Anyway, not wanting to deal with zippers and snaps again, I decided to try a business card wallet because I actually need one. I'm quite pleased, though I'll have to make them a tad wider because it's a tight fit for the cards. See my new cards? They're the free ones you can get from vista print. I'll get nicer cards later, but for now the free ones will do. My other motivation for getting them was to get extra points so I could buy a house in myFarm on facebook. I know. Dork! I kind of wish I had gotten points for Mafia Wars instead because I'm short on special weapons. Haha! Oh, well. I'm trying some more card wallets tonight. Maybe I'll have some more to post tomorrow. Ciao!

More cats, less crafts

I just had to share this quick snap. I just came downstairs and found the kitties recreating my blog header in real life. Heehee! Please excuse the mess.

Cute Things

I meant to post this earlier, as they were too cute not to share. My friend Becky made these wonderful little creatures for me for my birthday! Cute cute cute! I love them all!

I don't mean to be heavy on the Nemo pics, but he tends to hang around me more than Ava does. And sometimes I just can't help snapping a photo. Aww...

A few days ago Nemo and Ava were fighting around the living room curtains. As usual, Nemo got himself stuck in the so.

But...on Saturday Nemo got stuck again and this time managed to yank the entire curtain down and pull the screws out of the wall. we had to patch the holes back up and run to home depot for some wall anchors to put the curtains back up. yeah, it was a pain, but it was pretty funny. Also, sometimes he likes to sit on my toilet.

Orange you glad for a new post?

Boy, it's been a long time since I've posted anything. Well, I've have had nothing to post. That's the reason. This past weekend I did try making my first clutch. I even put a label in it! I just wanted to see how it would look, as this one is not worthy enough to be offered for sale. Normally I'd put the label on the outside of the pocket, but I had already finished sewing the pocket before I remembered to sew the label on. It didn't turn out exactly as I had imagined, but kind of close. The polka dots are from a duvet I found at the thrift shop. I've also seen the same duvet actually used as a duvet in a house we looked at. But I think it works jolly well as a purse.

I also managed to make a handbag last week for a friend's birthday. I shipped it a week ago to japan, so I'm going to go ahead and post it and assume she's not going to read my blog. I just put the wallet in for scale, but they look good together, eh? The wallet was actually one of my practice wallets, so I didn't mail that.
Wallet and purse
Hmmm, this orange lining is becoming a theme of mine. Thanks to Becky for donating some orange bed linens for my fabric stash!
New purse!