Cute Things

I meant to post this earlier, as they were too cute not to share. My friend Becky made these wonderful little creatures for me for my birthday! Cute cute cute! I love them all!

I don't mean to be heavy on the Nemo pics, but he tends to hang around me more than Ava does. And sometimes I just can't help snapping a photo. Aww...

A few days ago Nemo and Ava were fighting around the living room curtains. As usual, Nemo got himself stuck in the so.

But...on Saturday Nemo got stuck again and this time managed to yank the entire curtain down and pull the screws out of the wall. we had to patch the holes back up and run to home depot for some wall anchors to put the curtains back up. yeah, it was a pain, but it was pretty funny. Also, sometimes he likes to sit on my toilet.


becky said...

glad you're enjoying the critters... homemade and otherwise! thanks for posting the video of the kitties, too. poor nemo, getting stuck in fabric.