Experiments in walletry

I tried out some new wallets this weekend. I'd seen some cute wallets that that didn't have top-stitching, so i thought I'd give it a try. Top-stitching isn't fun, and I've broken many needles doing it. The yellow wallet has top-stitching around the snap tab, but not around the rest of the wallet. I don't know...I think I prefer it with the top-stitching. Also, I had some problems with the cheap snaps I used, so I don't think I'll be using those again.

Anyway, not wanting to deal with zippers and snaps again, I decided to try a business card wallet because I actually need one. I'm quite pleased, though I'll have to make them a tad wider because it's a tight fit for the cards. See my new cards? They're the free ones you can get from vista print. I'll get nicer cards later, but for now the free ones will do. My other motivation for getting them was to get extra points so I could buy a house in myFarm on facebook. I know. Dork! I kind of wish I had gotten points for Mafia Wars instead because I'm short on special weapons. Haha! Oh, well. I'm trying some more card wallets tonight. Maybe I'll have some more to post tomorrow. Ciao!