Wallets coming soon!

More wallets!!! I actually started these a few months ago before I got side-tracked on other projects. Yesterday I decided to finally finish them. They seemed to take forever to finish... I do my cutting and ironing on the kitchen counter because I don't have enough room in my craft "room" downstairs. So I'm always running down the stairs to sew, back upstairs to press, and back down stairs....ugh. One day I'll have all my stuff in the same room, or at least the same floor.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've made these, so I took my time with them. And I think they are my best yet! the happy hippo wallet is my personal favorite. I may have to make more of those.

I nearly forgot to attach the labels again. I need to get used to this. So, anyone want a wallet? They'll be in the shop soon!


Keyka said...

Your wallets look great! They are cute and look nicely made.