Angry Blueberry Dress

I've been thinking I should revisit my giant fruit project. The big ottomans are quite cumbersome to ship, and I've been wanting to try them in smaller sizes. Everyone should have some giant fruit in their home! I just need to package it better, and also to develop patterns for sale. But first, I need to try some alternate sizes.

So, I had this dress... My roommate Joanna had gotten this dress at a thrift shop a few months ago for $1.00. She didn't want it anymore and offered it for my craft stash. A few days ago, I looked at it and decided it should be turned into a semi-large blueberry, and that the blueberry should be strongly emotive. I settled on Angry.

I turned out bigger than I expected. It's about half the size of it's larger fruity siblings. I completely winged the ruffly bit at the top. I just sewed random pieces into a circle and trimmed the edges. Looks fairly blueberry-like, no? It'd be pretty boring without the face though.

Making the face...and that's the remainder of the dress after all the pieces were cut, the carcass of the dress if you will. The fabric is a stretchy knit, which makes for a nice soft pillow. No portion of the dress was wasted! All the remaining fabric was incorporated into the stuffing. I'm thinking of making this a regular reoccurring project, maybe add some to the shop! Would anyone buy a pineapple made from a one dollar pair of pants? Or lemon from a sweatshirt? Hmmm, me thinks my next project will be emotive fruit.


Carrie said...

Love it! I have some sheets and pillow cases I'd love to donate to your emotive fruit project. I'll take a photo of them to see if you're interested.

mittens said...

Yay! You know how I love bed sheets!