Bainbridge Island

My parents and my brother came for a visit this past weekend and the weather was perfect! They all arrived Friday evening. Saturday morning we headed downtown and took a ferry to Bainbridge Island. My dad expressed a slight concern that we might mistakenly end up on a boat to Canada without our passports. We were assured that Bainbridge Island is indeed not part of Canada. The ferry ride was about 35 minutes and affords great views of the city and Mt Rainier. I always have trouble photographing the Mountain. It doesn't show up well in photos. You can see it in distance in the photo above. I had to "enhance" it to make it visible.

So, um, it's pretty apparent in the next photo that my camera lens is quite dirty. Just ignore that...this is Bainbridge Island from the ferry.

From the ferry, you can walk to Winslow which is where all the shops and restaurants are. We checked out the farmers market, where we met the mayor of Bainbridge Island. She was very appreciative and friendly when my dad told her the island was really lovely...then he asked her where we should eat for lunch. Some people on the ferry had recommended a good place that was by the water... so we asked the mayor, and she directed us to Doc's.

I only took two pictures on the island. Here we are waiting for out table. We didn't do much, just wandered and ate. Halibut and chips, yummy!

This excursion actually reminded me a lot of New Zealand in many ways. The climate, the town, the water... The ferry ride was very reminiscent of a ferry I took in Auckland.

City from afar. You can see the giant cruise ship in port.