Fisherman's Terminal

On Sunday two weekends ago, we went to the Ballard farmers market. There wasn't too much in season that I usually buy. I can only eat so much brussel sprouts and asparagus. I can't wait until berries and cherries are in season! We were mainly looking for fresh frozen salmon, which I had definitely seen there the week before. My brother wanted to take some back to Virginia with him, and he wanted the kind that was fresh frozen and vacuum packed. Alas, on this day we didn't see much frozen salmon. So we then headed to the nearby Fisherman's Terminal, where I read that you can buy good fish. I'd never been there, but I've been wanting to check it out because I love the Deadliest Catch, and some of the boats on the show are moored here. The monument below is the Fisherman's Memorial.

We had a fresh fish lunch at Chinook's, which had a great view of the boats.

The Sea Star was on a few episodes of the first season of the Deadliest Catch. You can tour the boat for $10 or visit the gift shop on the boat for free, which is what we did. Two crew members were working in the shop, one of which I recognized from the show :-) We didn't do the tour, but I would pay money to tour the Northwestern boat though. I was still kind of excited to see one of the Deadliest Catch boats, even though it wasn't on the show much.

More big fishing boats...

Alas, luck on the frozen salmon. I'd see signs in Ballard pointing to Loki Fish at the Fisherman's Terminal where you can buy flash-frozen fish straight from their boat, exactly what we wanted! But they were not there that day either. hmmm, out fishing perhaps? I do want to go back and find them because I love the idea of buying fish right off the boat from the people who caught it. I remember buying fresh fish and chips from a boat in Hobart, Tasmania...mmmm, so good.

Afterwards, we made a trip to Costco to get some Copper River sockeye salmon that we had seen there day before. at $19.99/lb, it was ten dollars cheaper than every other place. We were just there the day prior, but we didn't buy any because we were going to be out all day away from a fridge. So we went back the next day to buy some, and it was gone...all of it. Completely gone, like it was never even there. Boo...salmon fail.

Okay, so I guess that week was the very first Copper River salmon of the season, so it was all expensive and everyone wanted some. I just now got back from Costco and got some for $9.99/lb. Yippee! Salmon for dinner.