My what big salmon you have!

After our morning in Ballard, we went to Gas Works Park, previously seen in this post. By this time, it was definitely getting hot, but we all had a nice walk about and/or relax in the grass. In the evening, we made a trip to Whole Foods for some shopping and a light dinner before my parents headed back to their hotel to get ready for their early morning flight.

We are a family that loves to eat crab! On the east coast we had blue crab. I remember getting them fresh somewhere near D.C when I was little. They'd come with a big scoop of Old Bay seasoning, and we'd take them home, steam them, and spread some newspaper on the kitchen table and dig in. Here, we dig in to dungeness crab! They're bigger and more fun to eat! The last time the family was here, we bought two fresh crabs and cooked them at home. This time dad got us two pre-cooked ones which my brother and I heated up and chowed down on after our parents left. Num num num! and the carnage in the compost bin...

The next day we went downtown and made our way to all the outdoor shops; REI, Feathered Friends, Columbia, and Patagonia. Somewhere in there, we stopped at Whole Foods for lunch (we love Whole Foods). Oysters were one dollar each. We tried to buy just two of them, but the guy said, "I'll just give them to ya." So we each got a free oyster! Then Tom wanted more, so he ordered six more. It was a bit much.

After lunch we went back to Pike Place to look at salmon again. Oh, we do love our salmon. You just can't get it this fresh in Ohio. Copper River salmon was still too expensive, so we just looked. We were also nervous about ruining a $30 piece of salmon if we did buy some.

smoked salmon...which we happily sampled. so good!

We felt defeated by not finding my brother some frozen king salmon, and also because he couldn't try some Copper River salmon. So we got a piece of fresh king salmon for dinner, and experimented with some new cedar planks. I also made apple pie, but it took so long to make, it didn't come out of the oven until 11:30pm. Oh well, it was good for breakfast. It was a lovely little mini-holiday with the family.