Pike Place

After we returned from Bainbridge Island, we walked to Pike Place from the ferry terminal. Pike Place was crowded! We just happened to be there during the Seattle Cheese Festival, which was a delicious event to happen upon. We tasted some cheese, most of them were of the pungently tasty variety. With the perfect weather, cheese festival, cruise ships in port, and general weekend crowds, Pike Place was hoppin'. There was plenty of fish being thrown at "the place where they throw the fish", aka Pike Place Fish Market. Copper River salmon season had just started; I think the first catch had just arrived the day before, according to the local news. The season only lasts 3-4 weeks, and foodies go crazy for this stuff every year. From what I've read, salmon from the Copper River in Alaska is fattier and tastier than most other salmons, and from what I've seen, its colour is more pronounced. I'm yearning to try some, but I just can't afford it this year. At $30-$40/lb it's quite pricey, though apparently a bit cheaper than last year. I think a good smoked wild Alaska king salmon is one of the most delicious things on earth...yes, even better than bacon (and, better for your heart!) So I'm really curious to see how one of my favorite foods can taste even better than it already does.

Mmmm...dungeness crab. I like those, too. See this is the reason I wanted to move here.