Cat on a Tomato

Over the weekend, I was sitting on the couch having my morning coffee and toast. I had my plate sitting on top of the tomato next to me when Ava came hunting for crumbs. She loves bread. If you leave a loaf of bread or package of cookies out on the counter, be assured that pretty soon there will be a hole in the package and chunks of your food missing. There were a few instances when I came home from the store with groceries, dropped them inside the front hall while I ran to fetch the mail, and in that minute while I was at the mailbox Ava had already burgled my grocery sack and found the bread or seafood. Thanks to plastic, she doesn't get very far, but I do like to watch her try! She's also bitten into bags of tortillas and dried soba noodles. Maybe she loves carbs just like the rest of us.

So back to the tomato...Ava stepped onto the tomato looking for my toast. In the many months since I created the big tomato, neither of the cats has ever ventured on top of it. I was thrilled to pieces when Ave discovered how comfy the tomato was! She stopped looking for my toast and curled up and went to sleep. Awww...