New Tomato and Mushrooms!

I have a tomato and mushroom to add to the shop! Sorry for the lag in posts. I took some pictures today, but they didn't turn out that great. I was trying to avoid going up to the loft to take photos because it's just so hot! Tomorrow may very well reach 100°F, and most of us Seattle folk don't have air conditioning. I would love to take the pillows out to a big green lawn and get some pics (perhaps inspired by the shrooms in this post), but I don't believe we have any green grass around here these days, only yellow. Oh well, maybe some day.

I made a smaller version of the tomato. This one is the same size as my Angry Blueberry. I didn't have enough red to make a large one, so I shrunk the pattern. Heehee! I quite like the size of it. I did a test wash of the blueberry to make sure I can label it machine washable. It was a tight squeeze to get it through the door of our front-loading washer, but it washed up perfectly. Yay!

I made the button mushroom first. What do you think? I think it turned out well for my first try. Generally first tries turn out rubbish, but I don't think I'll be altering this pattern much at all! This is actually made of pants material. The body is twill and the gills are corduroy. So if I ever find myself with a load of khaki and corduroy pants, you know what I'll be making...

Guess I didn't get a good picture of the red mushroom. Here's a shot of the underside. I shortened and widened the stem to make it more super mario-ish. Hopefully I can get some better pics tomorrow and add them to the shop. Only two items left in the shop as of today. Yikes! Time to bust a move!


Anonymous said...

Hm reminds me of a certain strawberry pillow made naively as a gift of friendship years ago.