Urban Craft Uprising

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been having some troubles with my laptop :-( It appears the fan needs to be replaced, repaired or cleaned. Hmmm....so in the meantime, I only use my laptop until it reaches a certain temperature before the fan kicks on, which seems to be an hour or so, longer if I rest it on an ice pack. it's low tech but it works. And doing any flash or video is a problem. sucks sucks sucks!

Anyway, this is way late, but three weeks ago I went to Urban Craft Uprising at Seattle Center. I had a fabulous time! So fabulous, I didn't leave for three hours! I didn't take many pics, but I found a few on flickr. The picture on the left is from a felting workshop by the lovely ladies of Feltique. Well hey! That's me! (look for the white hat) I've never done any felting before, except by accident when I tried to machine wash my wool sweater in college. Um, so needle felting is very cool and terribly addicting. I recommend it to anyone, especially those who like to poke and stab things. See more photos here.

See the apple I made!

I also sat in on a kansashi fabric flower workshop by Diane Gilleland. It's a great way to use up small scraps of fabric. There are some more pictures on her blog. Hey! I'm in some of those pictures, too! (in white hat)

There were so many wonderful things I wanted to buy! There's so much amazing talent out there. Unfortunately, I'm still on an extreme budget diet, so I was not able to purchase much. I did allow myself two small purchases though, a sketchbook (from ex libris anonymous) and some flavored salt (from Secret Stash). I actually did need a new sketchbook, and I got attached to this penguin book. I think it suits me :-) It's made from an old children's book. I love it much. and flavored sea salt...YUM! I humored myself and only bought a small vial. Afterwards, I spent the rest of the day wandering around Seattle Center, checked out the Arab Festival, got a kebab, found a spot under a tree and relaxed. It was good.