SVC Wayzgoose

Seattle's School of Visual Concepts hosts a Wayzgoose every year at the end of summer. They open up their letterpress studio for curious guests, there's equipment and art to buy, and most exciting of all, the steamroller smackdown!

Steamroller Smackdown: Local artists and design firms will be challenged to produce a giant poster, printed in the SVC parking lot, using a two-ton steamroller as a press. Prints will then be sold to the public by silent auction.

I took lots of pictures, so get ready!

Steamroller press! If I had a steamroller, this is what I would use it for.


Checking out the letterpress studio...pretty cool. I'm going add 'Take a letterpress class' to my shopping list.

...and blocks for sale.

Looking down from the Fitch poster, and AIGA group checking their print.

I think this is the Starbucks group. Cool stuff! I had a good time! Now go and design something :-)


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