Meaty Christmas

Anyone need some Christmas cards? My Meaty Christmas cards are in the shop now! Oh, and if you want some, don't procrastinate. I'm planning on leaving the country come beginning of December.

My shop is getting bare, must restock! I've got errands to run tomorrow and a custom bag to finish. Hopefully soon I'll have the shop restocked with crafty goodies. I got my hands on another Holly Hobbie bed sheet...which means I'll be able to make some more Holly Hobbie tote bags! Unfortunately, I made up that bag as I went and didn't keep a pattern for it. Not a big worry, just kind of a pain. I'll have to do more work with the tape measure than I care to, but it's cool.

My First Amigurumi!

I finally learned to crochet! I was visiting friends in Ohio last week and spent a good deal of time with my friend Becky's crochet books. Thanks, Becky! It took a while, but I finally figured it out! I'm happy to have a craft that's easy to travel with. I've tried knitting, but haven't been able to stick with it long enough to finish anything except a tiny ipod case. Making amigurumi suits me better because the projects are small, and they turn out so flippin' cute! I made this little fella from this free pattern. Mine's blue because I love blue penguins. I saw some when I was in New Zealand and Australia...see, they're not much bigger than the one I made!