Airplane Crafts

I'm in Taiwan! I arrived about a week ago after some stressful issues regarding travel visas, plane tickets, finding storage for my car, packing up, moving, and among other things, a failed attempt at obtaining a Washington drivers license. The grumpy woman at the DMV could use some customer service training. Well, all that is done, and I am now getting somewhat settled in my new home for the next few months. The plane ride was long, but I easily passed the time, nearly 24 hours, from Seattle to San Francisco to Tokyo to Taipei by crocheting a turtle and heart for my mom. I left Seattle early Thursday morning (many thanks to the wonderful James and Aileen!). The entire trip to Tokyo was daylight, so I didn't feel the need to sleep...not that I could have slept much. I don't think they could have gotten away with any less leg room in coach. My knees touched the seat in front of me, and I don't consider myself unusually tall.

This was only my second time making amigurumi, so I was still quite slow. But I did manage to finish both the turtle and the heart before I landed in Taipei, which was all that mattered anyway. During the first week, I made a second turtle with different yarn. Cute, eh? The pattern is free here.

In other news, I have some more photos that I will post, later. I'll be in Taiwan for several months, so that should keep things pretty interesting. My etsy shop is closed for the time being :-( In the meantime, I've started taking a picture (when I remember to) at the top of every hour of what I'm looking at. It's an experiment; we'll see how long it goes, but for now it's kind of fun for me to document some mundane everyday activities that normal don't normally get photographed. You can view them here. It's not live blogged because I don't have a mobile phone, but I'll upload the photos daily.