Tasty Shit!

You've all no doubt heard about a toilet-themed restaurant somewhere in Asia, where you sit on toilets and eat food that looks like poop out of bowls that look like toilets and urinals. I'd already been in Taipei for a few days before I realized, hey...let's go to the toilet restaurant! Dad didn't know what this "toilet restaurant" was, but I think he was pretty amused when we got there. The Modern Toilet restaurant is located in Ximending, an area known for its shopping and youth culture. All I was expecting was a little blob of chocolate ice cream in a tiny squat toilet, but what we ordered turned out to be big toilet bowls of shaved ice covered in ice cream, candy, fruit, cookies, cereal, raisins, jelly and syrup (brown chocolate and yellow fruit syrup). I think the red in the chocolate toilet is supposed to be blood because of what it said on the menu...shit with some blood.

We didn't order any food, but it did smell good. You can see above in the background people eating from some other toilet bowls. They've also got some urinal drinking glasses. Unfortunately it's not visible, but they also ordered something that came in a bedpan. I suspect it was probably a tasty and yellow beverage.

One of the bathroom sinks and toilets.

Even the lamps are shaped like poo. The place was not busy when we were there. They weren't seating people on the upper floors, but they did let me go up to take pictures. The guy even turned on all the lights for me.

Walking around afterwards we passed through an alley that was nothing but tattoo parlors....it was called Tattoo Alley. At one point all the people walking around started looking younger, hipper, more tattooed, and with crazier hair. It reminded me very much of Japan. This picture is not representative of the hipsters and hairstyles of Ximending, but it's all I got. Just compare it to the people in my previous post, and you'll get the idea.