Hello Again!

Hello, I'm back! I've got some Taiwan posts coming up, but those take longer because of all the pictures and descriptions. So I thought I'd post some crafts :). I've had quite a bit of down time the past few months where I've been kept away from my little computer here. In situations that require waiting, I come prepared with anti-boredom, namely a book and/or a crochet project. (You can see what I've been reading here. ) May I present to you Ernie and Totoro! Also please excuse the shitty photoshop job on Mr. Ernie up there. I hate to post a blurry boring photo, so I jazzed it up a bit. Yeah, it's sloppy, whatever.

I only brought one skein of blue yarn with me, which was just enough to make most of this Totoro pattern without his tail. Since they don't sell this particular yarn here, Totoro will have to wait until I return stateside to be truly complete.

I'm leaving Taiwan in a few weeks, and I wanted to use up some of my yarn stash. I had just enough orange yarn left to make this ernie glasses holder. Pretty funny, eh? It's an easy pattern. I did quite a bit of it while simultaneously riding a stationary bike in front of our tv. (It makes the workout go much faster.) See the lamp below? I love that lamp. It came with the apartment. It has a dimmer switch, too. I think I might miss that lamp.