National Palace Museum

Hey all! Sorry for being so quiet, but I am in China right now, and this site is actually blocked over here. I can still get to it (obviously), but my connection is often slow and choppy. I post more frequently over on my tumblr because I don't have to write anything. I'm a bit behind over there, too, because I've also been having trouble getting to tumblr. What was most annoying was every time I tried to access a tumblr page it would automatically get hijacked by a Chinese search engine and redirect me to search results for tumblr. Ack! Drove me nuts! So then I cleared my cache, which worked to get rid of the search results, but also meant I had to re-log into to tumblr, which I haven't had to do in many many months, and I really wasn't sure which email I had used to log in, and finally, my VPN funked out and I haven't been able to get a 'good' connection until today to access my 'blocked' sites. Oh, bother!

Anyway, in other news...these pics are from a trip to the National Palace Museum in Taipei back in December. It houses an impressive collection of Chinese artifacts and artwork, some of them quite ancient.

A very drably dressed tour group...

There's a nice garden, too...not sure why I included the picture of the garbage man though.