My Daily Creature Habit

I was lamenting the realization that my confidence in my drawing skills has dwindled over the years. Especially when I remember how much I used to love to draw and paint as a kid.

In college I took a drawing class and LOVED it. So I took another drawing class which turned out to be not so great. The class was less about drawing and more about art and abstract ideas. I remember a boring class discussion about ordinary movement or motion verses extraordinary movement. I don't recall what our assignment was, but I do remember a class trip to the cinema to see The City of Lost Children because it had good examples of extraordinary motion. Huh? My school transcript tells me that I withdrew from the class (an extraordinary motion?), so we will never know how I would have done with the remainder of the class, probably not enough drawing for me to be satisfied. Somewhat related, I also signed up for a yoga class only to withdraw the next day when it was explained that we would have to write essays. What? I switched over to Tai Chi Chuan, where instead of writing essays we practiced Tai Chi. Me, satisfied.

When I was doing my crafting thing in Seattle, I made a brief half-hearted attempt at creating something every day. Well, turns out my craft of choice (sewing) is very time consuming and difficult to churn out completed pieces daily that you want to show the world. A few weeks ago I read this Design Something Every Day post on Smashing Magazine and decided this is the exercise I needed to get myself drawing again. I decided I'd draw a little bit every day, and it would be fun. I call it A Creature A Day. It's an assortment of characters, so far all digitally produced, but most of them have started out as pencil and paper sketches. It's a good way to warm up prior to doing "real work", and hopefully by the end of you the year the quality of my creatures will have improved. Come see my daily creatures!