Taiwan Storyland

Since I had several months to spend in Taiwan, I had been looking for fun (and quirky) things to do in Taipei. One of those places was the Modern Toilet Restaurant, which was a toilet bowl of fun. Another place I really wanted to go to was Snow King (雪王) Ice Cream, where you can get ice cream in flavours you've never imagined, like beer, mustard, and various meat flavours. I don't know if those are tempting, but the guava and custard apple flavours sound scrumptious! Unfortunately I missed out on visiting Snow King due to several reasons; it was winter, no one wanted to go with me, and it's location was not convenient for me. The only time I was in the Ximen area where it's located was to visit the toilet restaurant, but I didn't learn of this little ice cream shop until later. Hopefully I will find myself in Taipei again to try that wasabi ice cream.

Across from the Taipei Main Railway Station is this little gem of a museum called Taiwan Storyland (台灣故事館). It's not so much a museum in the usual sense with exhibits behind windows. It's a recreation of life in Taiwan in the 1960s. I dragged my dad to see it with me because this was the time period of his youth in Taipei, which I know he's pretty nostalgic about. He almost didn't go in because the admission price is slightly high in Taiwan dollars, about US$6, but once we were inside I think he was pleasantly surprised. He'd point to an old wooden food cart and say, "When I was a boy, we used to buy snacks from a cart like this." It was nice to have that personal touch.

This entrance is at street level, but the museum is several levels down. It's arranged like a small village with store fronts, alleys and even fake trees. I wish I had some better photos, but it was quite dark inside.

dad looking at candy and snacks in one of the shops

I used to have a scooter just like this. It was awesome.


shaved ice shop

we snacked on some grass jelly and ayu jelly shaved ice

dental chair...yikes

home of a well-to-do family in 1960s Taiwan

dining area

If you're ever in Taipei, I'd highly recommend a visit to Taiwan Storyland, especially if you or any family members lived in Taiwan during the 60s. It's well worth the admission price, cheaper than going to the cinema.