Sydney's Northern Beaches

I thought it was about time I posted some pics. I'm trying to get a CD burned of my photos, but this YHA is deceptive...nevermind. So one week at Collaroy Beach in north Sydney and just one sunny day. I spent that one sunny day going to Palm Beach to catch a 4 hour cruise on the Hawkesbury River with the Danish girl from my room. Who by the way is from a town called Aars. (Arse? I asked. She also said there is a place called Aas.) We got along really well. I hope I meet more people like that. Actually, just a very wierd thing happened. I was cropping this next photo of Dorthe, the Danish girl. And right over my shoulder I hear, "Hey, that's me!". So, I just stopped blogging to have a chat with my Danish friend. I've left the beach and am back in the city, by the way.
I'd never seen a cockatoo out of captivity so it was cool to see them flying free. There was also a goana hanging out by one of the wharfs. They are quite odd.

I thought this bird was really cute. It looked like a little toy penguin. There were also great numbers of spiders, but i didn't take phots of those. Why do I want pics of spiders?

My bunk at Collaroy Beach YHA...

I got to watch Lost. Yaya! I haven't come across many Americans yet. Canadians far outnumber Americans. So I was surpsied at all the other people that watch Lost. Family Guy is also quite popular. Yes!

Freakonomics. I picked up this book at the hostel in Sydney. I'd read it before but thought it was worth another read.

When I finished it, I traded it for a new book at the hostel at Collaroy Beach. When I opened the cover, I thought it was funny that it was apparently left by the same person. The second book was Sophie's World, which I did not like and do not recommend unless you have an interest in philosophy.